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Spirulina, Linseed and Sunflower Rusks - Spirulina Becagli

Spirulina, Linseed and Sunflower Rusks - Spirulina Becagli

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is a freshly packaged artisan product without preservatives.

Ingredients and Allergens *

Type 1 Verna Wheat Flour*, Mother Yeast (Flour*, Water), Orange Honey, Butter* 82% mg, Sunflower Seeds (7%), EVO Oil, Linseed* (3%), Dried Spirulina in powder (2%). Salt, Malt*. May contain traces of nuts*, peanuts*, sesame* and soy*. Allergenic ingredients*


It is recommended to consume the product at room temperature.


Store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources between 18°C ​​and 22°C.

After opening, consume within 28 days.

The expiry date is indicated on the packaging.

We guarantee an expiry date of at least 30 days from the first attempt to deliver the products by the courier.

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Produced with sourdough and Farina Verna, an ancient variety of wheat from Tuscany, stone-ground.

A tastier rusk that contains the beneficial properties of flaxseed and sunflower seeds combined with the superfood spirulina algae.
Spirulina algae produced by the Becagli company of Grosseto has countless beneficial effects: it is rich in iron, proteins and low in fat; it is a natural antioxidant and helps strengthen the immune system. It contains a total of 18 amino acids, double the protein of soy and three times that of beef. Just 3g of Spirulina is equivalent to approximately 10 apples (vitamin A), 150 grapes (vitamin B2), 70g of carrots (beta-carotene) and 100g of spinach (iron).