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Oat Flakes and Procida Lemon Biscotto

Oat Flakes and Procida Lemon Biscotto

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is a freshly packaged artisan product without preservatives.

Ingredients and Allergens *

Oat flakes * (23%), 00 soft wheat flour *, Butter * 82% mg, Brown sugar, Eggs * from free-range hens, Sugar, Procida lemon zest (3%), Leavening agent ( Bicarbonate), Salt, Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar. May contain traces of nuts *, peanuts *, sesame * and soy *. Allergen ingredients *


It is recommended to consume the product at room temperature.


Store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources. The product does not contain preservatives. The expiry date is indicated on the package. We guarantee an expiration date of at least 30 days from the first attempt to deliver the products by the courier.

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Whole oat flakes, crunchy and tasty, linked to the intense aroma and pleasantly sour taste of the Procida lemon, excellence of its territory also known as the “island of lemons”, create a delicate combination of natural aromas and flavors.


After kneading, they are processed strictly by hand, through a standardized manual skill that guarantees perfect maintenance of the organoleptic properties of the materials used.

By knife, making a clean and precise cut for a rounded shape of the right size.