"The craftsman does not seek constancy but the constancy of experience."

It all started from the obsession with wanting to do more and more.


"I started working for taste, not for beauty. Without true and authentic taste I cannot express myself.

The eyes eat first. but ultimately what remains in our memory is the gustatory experience."


"Proposing my idea of ​​craftsmanship is what makes me happy."

The production processes are managed by hand. We are not an industry, we are artisans.

Each of my creations comes from a deep study of food chemistry, from a very careful selection of raw materials, focused on the choice of top quality ingredients, up to a design that takes into account shape, size, texture, smells and, finally, an adequate presentation to preserve the elegance and freshness of each creation.


With the guidelines of tradition and the technology we possess today, we can explore new creative worlds and make handcrafted products more and more genuine.